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  Administration Tools

Your account is rich with features not only for your clients, but for you! When you sign up for an account, you will receive a login and password to your own administration site which includes the following:

Run Reports
Your service includes real time reports. You can create summary payment reports as well as detailed payment reports. This real time reporting feature can also be used to balance your monthly transactions with your merchant account statements.

Make A Payment Now
From your administration account, you can accept payments over the phone. Now, when your client calls and wants to pay by credit card, you have the ability to handle the call.

Manage Your Profile
If you change phone numbers, address or email address, you can quickly let your clients know about the change. By keeping your billing information up-to-date, you make bill paying more accurate and timely.

Request Emails On Payment
The preference manager allows you to select an email address which receives a notice each time a payment is made to your account. By using this feature, you know when payments are being made to your account.