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  Four Easy Payment Solutions offers four payment services. All four methods are targeted at helping you receive payment while providing a professional experience that demonstrates to your clients how much you care about their time.

Method 1: The Web Site
When a user is directed to the web site, they are greeted with a very fast and simple user experience. Their entire payment process is just a matter of following 3 screens.
  • The first screen allows the user to identify you or your business by name, address, phone or account number.
  • The second screen allows your client the ability to enter their payment information. Users can pay their bill with a MasterCard or Visa. They can pay a portion of their bill or pay it in full.
  • The third screen allows your client to check and confirm their payment.
Once the payment is confirmed, they will receive an email and you will see the payment in your online administration tools. You will also see the transaction settle in your checking account in three business days.

Note that the easiest way to tell your clients about this service is to place a note on the bottom of your paper invoice. [For example, "You can pay this bill with your MasterCard or Visa at"]

Method 2: The 800 Number
Some of your clients may prefer to talk to a live person to submit their payment amount. If that's the case, our 800 number is easy to find on the "Step 2" screen.

Method 3: Direct Link From Your Web Site
If you have already created your web site, we will provide a link which takes your clients directly to your payment page in the web site. Then, direct your clients to your own web site and present a "Make Payment Now" button or graphic! For current businesses using the site, you can find your direct link under the "Preferences" option on your "Main Menu."

Method 4: Your Own Phone Payment Option
We understand that some clients may call your office to ask about payment options. Now, using your login and account you can take their credit card payment while you have them on the phone!